Introducing Contour

We are proud to present the newest device protection innovation!

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First generation desktop mobile device protection.

Through the meticulous sourcing and re-use of existing technologies, we have worked with Mongolian engineer Edward Nara to create a product which can spray a durable yet safely removable skin made from 3M materials. Proudly, we are able to recreate our entire catalog of textures and appearances such as wood, glow, carbon fiber, and more.

To achieve this, we have sourced industry items already in production. While this limited our beta product, it opened up doors for creativity and problem solving by not focusing on designing and manufacturing from scratch, which would have required molds and other expenses, as we perfected what we saw as the challenge. That being, getting the print head to apply an even coat of specially treated 3M material in a reasonable amount of time across uneven surfaces. Hence was born; Contour.

Small Size

370 x 340 x 240mm (14.5 x 13.4 x 9.4")

Quickly and easily protect your digital devices. Works on Apple and Android phones, iPad mini as well as Amazon kindle tablets. And many more! Our catalog is growing daily.


We kept the price down by keeping the manufacturing down. Other companies did that for us so that we could focus on what we do best, innovation. Reworked materials using familiar parts allows more people creative freedom sooner.

Easy To Use

Initiate coverage from our iOS and Android enabled apps or simply use a Windows, OSX, or Linux computer.

Simply place your device on the bed using the guidelines, close the door, insert a vinyl cartridge of your choice, then press OK.